Z86D-3 Brillian SVGA Microdisplay

The Brillian Z86D-3 SVGA (super video graphics array) microdisplay is a high-resolution, high-refresh- rate, 12mm-diagonal (0.47") LCoSTM microdisplay designed for color field-sequential operation. The Z86D-3C is a consumer-appearance-graded device functionally identical to the Z86D-3.

The Z86D-3 microdisplay includes many of the con- trols and functions required to display high-quality images, including a digital-pixel interface and control interface to the host system, look-up tables for cus- tom gray-scale (color-adjustment) curves, DACs (digi- tal-to-analog converters) that convert digital pixel data into pixel gray-scale levels, and row and column controls to apply the signals to the pixels. 

Large stock available. contact vova@rangevideo.com to purchase

Download Z86D-3 microdisplay data sheet.